Our Electronic Health Records (EHR)

photo courtesy of Greenway Health

Optima Women’s Healthcare offers the latest in technology to ensure that it is easy to interact with us.  We have partnered with Greenway Health to provide an innovative electronic health records system and secure online patient portal.  The portal enables direct contact with our doctor and staff and allows you to: 

  •  Request an appointment
  •  Fill out health forms privately
  •  Ask questions of the staff or doctor
  •  Send emails to us 24/7
  •  Have access to your medical records and clinical summary
  •  Request prescription refills
  •  Pay your bill online
  •  Receive lab results, practice updates, instructions, and appointment reminders  

We also keep a secure electronic medical chart of your insurance information, health history and office visits known as an electronic health record (EHR) and practice management (PM) system.  This is a legible, organized record which cannot be lost and is a significant advantage over outdated paper charts and improves our efficiency and productivity as your healthcare provider.  This allows us to have your medical chart, history, exams, medications, and visits at our fingertips allowing us to address your medical needs faster.  

Our EHR also provides interoperability with labs to receive results and data faster as well as share records with other offices and healthcare providers in a timely manner.  We are also able to send your prescriptions to your pharmacy electronically so your medicines can be ready upon your arrival to the pharmacy.

Our patient portal has been extremely beneficial to patients allowing you to contact us directly to address your healthcare needs.  How often can you bypass the phones or the front desk and reach the doctor directly?  You can email non-urgent messages to Dr. Jerath directly through our secure patient portal.  She reviews these messages daily and responds personally whenever possible.  Our patients appreciate this privilege as it is often difficult to access the physician directly at larger practices with call centers and digital check-in stations.

Dr. Jerath has digital mobile and remote access to your health records which makes it possible for her to care for you 24/7.  Additionally, this mobile access makes it easier to provide updates to your care team while in the hospital.

Greenway has a revenue cycle management (RCM) program which serves as our billing team.  They ensure that your charges and claims are submitted to your insurance company and that payments are received in a timely manner which minimizes any billing issues for you.  If billing concerns arise, there is an entire team to research and resolve the matter as they will even file appeals and communicate with the insurance company on your behalf.  We also have an online bill pay so you can conveniently pay your bill anytime

Our progressive, innovative, and advanced EHR technology allows us to streamline your healthcare.  Patients have come to view our EHR and PM system as a huge benefit that differentiates our practice.


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