Our Staff
The staff at Optima Women's Healthcare is highly-trained and exceptionally friendly team. We understand that for many, visiting a doctor can be a stressful experience. Our comfortable surroundings and compassionate staff of medical professionals will put you at ease.  We strive for developing a strong and trusting rapport and have the philosophy of providing outstanding care that focuses on fulfilling your needs.  

Meet Our Team


Callie Duggan                        
Office Manager

Callie is our office manager and is extremely knowledgeable with all aspects of our office.  

She is our primary resource for all business, insurance, bookeeping, and financial needs. She is also our main liaison with our billing company.  She is able to problem solve any concerns and address any financial questions.  

She can often be seen wearing multiple hats as she backs up the receptionist and medical assistant, manages and organizes several aspects of the office, and coordinates practice issues.   She also schedules all surgeries and is able to help coordinate your care.  She works full time and is our go to person for anything and everything.

Callie has a warm, energetic, and nurturing personality.  She enjoys meeting and working with our patients and loves holding all our new babies! 

She also enjoys hiking in the mountains, reading, and spending time with her friends and family.

Cassandra Graham Petersen, CMA     
Patient Clinical Manager  
Certified Medical Assistant  

Cassandra, affectionately known as "Cassie", is our patient clinical manager.

Cassandra and Dr. Jerath have been an efficient and productive working team for over 7 years now as Cassandra started out as Dr. Jerath's medical assistant in her previous practice in 2008. 

Cassandra meets and greets all our patients with a warm, kind, cheery smile which immediately makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. Patients can tell she is a friendly, caring, and sincere soul.  She listens intently to your needs and addresses all patient concerns with kindness and empathy. She provides a wonderful paraffin hand treatment upon your arrival, accommodates your scheduling needs, determines your insurance benefits, conveys patient financial responsibility, and is dedicated to assisting you. 

Cassie is a newlywed and enjoys spending time with her husband and step-daughter.  She also stays very busy as a doting aunt to her niece and nephews. 

Lindsay Prestidge, CMA    
Clinical Coordinator   
Certified Medical Assistant

Lindsay is our full time medical assistant and clinical coordinator.  She is the direct clinical liasion for patients and assists Dr. Jerath with triage and treatment of patients.  She efficiently coordinates labwork, referrals, medications, tests, and any other clinical patient needs.  She also handles all prescription refills.  She has a warm and friendly personality, is dedicated to patient care and develops a empathetic connection with each patient.  She often goes the extra mile for our patients and makes your clinical needs a priority.

She has recently moved to Colorado and appreciates the outdoors and mountains.  She enjoys camping and fishing with her family.

Joeline Hime      
Patient Coordinator  

Joeline is our patient coordinator, serving as the front desk receptionist and patient scheduler.  She has been a dedicated member of Dr. Jerath's team since 2008, hired on after her exemplary student externship at Dr. Jerath's previous practice.  Although her smiling face was present daily in the past, she now works part-time and fills in for us when other staff members are on vacation or we need extra help.  Patients remember her kindness and often feel an instant connection as she has an innate gift of bonding on a genuine level. 

She has the philosophy that every woman is special and a "pretty girl".  Joeline has a youthful exuberance that is contagious to all.  She enjoys spending time with her friends and family and has a real zest for life and love. 

Stacy Kumar, RDMS      

Stacy is our ultrasonographer.  She is highly skilled and an excellent ultrasonographer.  She takes medical, technical, anatomical, sentimental, and entertaining images of your baby.  She also does gynecology ultrasounds. 

She develops a strong connection with patients as she is often the first to let you know if you are having a boy or girl (if you want to know).  She approaches patients with the utmost sensitivity and confidentiality.

We are thrilled to have her as a part of our team.  She is married with 4 children.

We are here to provide personalized, compassionate healthcare for women and
are dedicated to helping women be educated, engaged, and empowered about their health.

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